Meet the team

My name is Jason and my wife's name is Melissa and we sell mid century modern furniture.  The mid-century modern furniture business is hard work but we love it.  We learn and overcome new challenges every day, meet amazing customers and make new friends.  Scandinavian furniture really gets us excited.  We buy furniture that we love and then we restore it.  It sounds easy but a lot of time, research and patience goes into restoring vintage furniture. 


Jason photographing a mid century modern dresser


Our entire home is our showroom.  We call it the "Live in Studio".  Every piece is for sale.  We love being able to use all the furniture in our home before it sells.  This really allow us to learn and enjoy interesting feature and the beautiful design each MCM piece offers.  When clients visit our live in studio they see a beautiful selection of Scandinavian furniture displayed throughout our entire home.  We really enjoy what we do and we hope that reflects in our work.



Melissa and I have very different strengths and we certainly feed off each other.  We think of ourselves as a team of 1+1 but in our case we are 11.  The power of number is vast but the trust you invest in someone is powerful.