Meet the Teak Members!

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We love what we do and this reflects in our work. Every piece of furniture goes through some level of loving restoration before we offer it for sale at  


The Head Honcho

Heyo! I’m Melissa… In my photo I might look a little crazy and maybe a little fun (which I am) but most importantly I’m caring and I care about your customer experience with Most of the time I will be the one answering your calls, e-mails and Instragram messages. My favourite catch phrase is “ask away”.

I also source all of our Mid Century Modern furniture pieces, which comes with many fun challenges. Above all that, I help deliver all of the furniture we sell to our customers homes or offices. This happens to be one of my favourite parts of the job! Personally delivering the furniture allows me to jump off the computer and meet our customers, who happen to be the best customers ever! I know that sounds a like i’m sucking up but we do truly we have the BEST CUSTOMERS! I mean, people that like quality vintage furniture and design and giving an old piece of furniture a new home. These are my kind of people.

Melissa McKnight - Owner - Furniture 1950


The Stripper (but not that kind..)

Hi i’m Erin, I am part of the refinishing team over here at Furniture 1950. I like to try my hand in all aspects of this job but have placed a lot of focus on stripping, sanding, repairing veneers and reapplying the Scandinavian style of finish. Over the past 2 years, I have been able to consistently focus on expanding my skill-set. The furniture transformation process has become an addiction of mine. There is nothing more satisfying than removing old layers of finish, exposing the raw beauty of a piece, making necessary repairs and then breathing new life into it. Working in an environment surrounded by dedicated people who are focused on producing quality work as well as foster great relationships has been and continues to be incredibly inspiring and motivating to me.


The Handy Woman

Hello, I‘m Kristina! They call me the Handy Woman over at Furniture 1950. If your furniture doors and drawers slide well, you can thank me. I inspect all furniture pieces and make sure they are in excellent working order. I embrace the repair challenges each piece presents and feel a great sense of accomplishment after it’s fully restored. I have always thought of myself as an “out-of-the-box” thinker and working at Furniture 1950 gives me the ability to execute some seriously unique problem solving skills. Since starting my adventures at this company a year ago, I have been able to test my skills with a range of repairs and become a master in my trade. I really love working at Furniture 1950!


Photo Taker & Website Maker

Hey I'm Jason, Furniture 1950’s resident furniture photographer and website developer. I love capturing the stunning architectural lines in the photos and videos I take. To me, each picture tells a unique story. It’s my job to highlight the beautiful features, clean lines and stunning colour each Mid Century furniture piece has to offer. I also love lending a hand in the workshop and transferring my experienced woodworking skills to the other team members. I feel mid century furniture has become a loving passion of mine that only continues to grow.